2017 Panhellenic Awards Nomination Form: Greek Woman of the Year
This award recognizes a chapter member who has gone above and beyond to uphold the four pillars of Greek Life: leadership, scholarship, philanthropy, and sisterhood. She has inspired and fostered a greater sense of fellowship within her chapter and also the Panhellenic Community as a whole. Members recruited during the Spring 2015 term or earlier are eligible, with emphasis on the senior members of our community.
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Please submit a brief letter or essay explaining why the individual you are nominating should be recognized, as well as documentation to support the nomination. Supporting documentation can include, but is not limited to, accounts of programs and events implemented by the individual, documents outlining significant contributions made by the individual, evidence of the individual's involvement within and outside of the Panhellenic Community, and anything else you feel is appropriate.
Additional supporting documentation may be sent to Jack Simmons (panhel-evp@mit.edu).
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