APIAVote Phonebanking Shift Sign-Up HOMESTRETCH! (10/26 - 11/2)
Last push until the election! We are so happy to be getting out the vote with you!

Thank you for signing up to phonebank with APIAVote. APIAVote and our local partners are aiming to contact over 700,000 AAPI households of voters throughout the week of October. Phonebankers will need a laptop/computer, internet access and a phone.

Please note that we will need volunteer phonebankers to commit a minimum of 2 hours per shift sign up. You will be asked to check in 15 minutes ahead of time and also check out and debrief 15 minutes after your shift. We will be asking phonebankers to commit to periodic check-in and appear and/or appear on zoom/slack. Temporary hired phonebankers will need to make calls for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Please monitor your emails for future communications and email Joy De Guzman at joydeguzman@apiavote.org, should you have any questions in the future.

*Please note that the times below are in EST!
Name *
E-Mail *
Phone *
Before your first shift, you must review the training video. While APIAVote staff will be available to answer questions and onboard people, all phonebankers should review the video since training will not be provided at your shifts: http://bit.ly/phonebank-training *
All times presented below are in EST. While we are happy to make emergency changes, these hours should reflect your schedule to the absolute best of your ability. If you have scheduling changes DO NOT fill this form out again, email any changes to joydeguzman@apiavote.org. *
Monday October 26
Tuesday October 27
Wednesday October 28
Thursday October 29
Friday October 30
Saturday October 31 (HALLOWEEN)
Sunday November 1
Monday November 2
I would also be willing to textbank. *
I will be phonebanking with APIAVote as a *
I agree to remain nonpartisan when engaging with individuals I am contacting. I will do my best to remain courteous and polite and will provide accurate information to the best of my best ability or ask an APIAVote staff member when in doubt. *
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