Performer Application for ABQ Folk Festival - June 2, 2018
Thank you for your interest in performing at the 2018 ABQ Folk Festival on June 2. All prospective performers must submit the info on this form in order to be considered. We seek a diverse program of styles that represent the varied landscape of folk music in the Albuquerque area and surrounding Southwest region.

Priority consideration will be given to applications received by January 15, 2018.

Name of act (performer or group): *
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Style of music: *
(Using broad categories: Bluegrass, Blues, Native American, Old-Time, World/Ethnic, Celtic, etc.)
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Location: *
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Venues where you have performed: *
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Contact info
All contact info is for festival committee use only, and is not shared with anyone outside of AFF.
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Name of secondary contact person (if a group): *
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Details about your group
Names of all band members: *
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Please list all instruments that would be played during your festival set. *
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Special considerations: *
Please tell us about any special accommodations your act might need, such as a wheelchair-accessible stage.
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Description of your music/band bio: *
We ask for descriptions of different lengths for different uses. For this first block below, please include a description to be used on the AFF website performers' page. A detailed description and band bio is fine here. See examples:
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Shorter description of your music: *
For this block, please limit the text to 15-20 words. This description will appear in the festival program, and is your chance to briefly let people know what you do. Here are some examples of short descriptions from the 2015 program: "Traditional and original old-time tunes and songs on fiddle, banjo, guitar, and mandolin, in a variety of American styles"; "Award-winning songwriter's performance of original songs, blues, ballads and canciones, with acoustic guitar. Ranges from sentimental to bawdy."
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Extremely short description of your music: *
For this block, please limit the text to 8-10 words. This description will appear in the program schedule and will help your audience know they want to see your performance. Here are some examples of this extremely short description from the 2015 program: "Energetic music from around the middle east"; "Traditional and modern Pan-Celtic songs and tunes."
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Workshops: *
Would you be interested in offering a workshop on the topic of your choice at the festival?
Please complete this item if you answered YES above. If you answered NO, please write N/A in the space provided. *
List one or two workshops (or topics) you would be able to offer. Please include a very short title for workshops (example: "Bluegrass Harmony Singing"), along with targeted participant group (beginners, intermediate, etc.). We are a hands-on festival, and encourage workshops that actively involve attendees. As with our overall program, we strive to include a diverse mix of workshops, but due to limited time and space, not all possible sessions will be scheduled. Workshops run 50 minutes in length.
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Jam with the Band: *
Would you be interested in hosting a Jam with the Band session?
Additional information
Applications will be considered only after all items below have been received.
Promo photos: *
300 dpi preferred
Stage plot: *
Indicate each member's position on stage, with instruments and mic types (instrument, vocal, DI, etc.) labeled.
Demo tracks - online option: *
Include link to audio or video samples below. Please use performances that feature the same instrumentation and personnel as you would have at the festival, if possible.
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Demo tracks - mailed: *
As an alternative to online demo tracks/samples, you may submit via email or snail mail.
Photo/Video Release
Some performances may be photographed and/or video recorded by AFF staff for documentation and promotional purposes, or recorded for broadcast on KUNM. Please indicate below if you agree to this (and to sign a release on the day of festival, if required), or choose to opt out of one or more. Please note: this applies only to official AFF photo/video/recording. Festival attendees are not prohibited from taking photos or videos.
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