55th UBC Gala Ball Volunteer Form
Would you like to volunteer for the UBC Gala Ball this year? We are looking for a team of volunteers to help us make this year's event fabulous!
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Please provide a number we can reach you by at the event.
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Please choose the shifts you are interested in volunteering for. We strongly encourage you to participate in a minimum of 2 shifts, as well as one of: Friday night set-up or Saturday night take-down
What previous experience do you have in the following?
Please choose all areas that apply.
Please choose up to two areas you would like to work in *
A sample set of position descriptions can be found here: goo.gl/nK6r4w . Unfortunately, preferences are not guaranteed , however, we will try to make the most out off your time with us
If you do not have any previous experience at a ballroom competition, what other roles have you taken on before that will help you in your preferred role(s)?
A position title and a sentence description will more than suffice!
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Will you be competing in this year's Gala Ball? *
You can still select a shift during a session you're competing in if it's only for 1 or 2 events; we will work out the details with you in the near future.
We would love to stay connected with you via social media during and after Gala. What are your social media usernames?
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Thank you very much for your commitment!
You will be hearing from us soon. Cheers!
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