KIMB Treasurer Request to Pay KHS ASB
Please answer the following questions in detail for the KIMB Treasurer. If answers are not answered completely or thoroughly the KIMB Treasurer will be unable to complete your request.
What is the First and Last Name of the student? *
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Please provide a email address where you would like confirmation to be sent. *
How much money do you think you have in your KIMB account? (You can check this on Charms.) *
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What KHS ASB Fees do you want the KIMB Treasurer to pay for? (Check all that apply) *
Before the KIMB Treasurer can pay your ASB fee, you must verify the above fees are currently on your ASB account. If the above fees do not show up on your ASB account, the treasure CANNOT pay for them. Have you gone to the ASB clerk and verified the above fees show up on your account? *
Any other information for the KIMB Treasurer?
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