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Full member: a performance writer who has had work produced in any of the scope disciplines. A Full member shall have a vote in a General Meeting, will be eligible for a council seat and will share in all benefits. A Full Member may use his/her status as a WGSA Member in his/her credits. PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE

Candidate member: an aspirant performance writer who has not yet had work produced. Once a script has been accepted for production, an affiliate member must apply for change of membership. A Candidate member shall have a vote in a General Meeting, will be eligible for a council seat, but may not chair the council, and will share in all benefits. A Candidate member may not use the WGSA membership status as credit. PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE

A Student member: an aspirant performance writer enrolled fulltime with a learning institution. Applications must be accompanied by Proof of Enrolment. Once a member’s status changes, application for changed membership must be submitted. A Student member shall not have a vote in a General Meeting. Such a member will not share benefits, but will receive the benefit of professional development from the Guild. PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE

Friends of the WGSA: Interested persons may make a donation to WGSA. Such a person will not have any voting powers, will not be eligible for a council seat, but may attend workshops at membership cover charge. Writers from other genres will fall into this category. Please note that this category is NOT for performance writers Donation of not less than R300.00

Corporate Membership: Companies and Production houses may apply for this type of membership, which gives them access to WGSA members, posting of free advertisements to our membership and having their logo displayed in our newsletter. Such members will not have any voting powers or be allowed to attend the General Meeting and will not be eligible for a council seat.

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Important Notes
1. WGSA membership is valid for 1 year at a time

2. If you have signed up for Student Membership, please upload a copy of your valid student card in order to qualify
for the discounted rate.

3. Send all queries, proof of payment and supporting documents to accounts@writersguildsa.org

WGSA Banking Details

WGSA Current Account
Standard Bank
Branch No: 051001
Acc No: 300082444

PLEASE SEND PROOF OF PAYMENT TO accounts@writersguildsa.org

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