Become a Goodgame Studios Moderator!
Open moderator positions:
👑 Empire: PL, DE, FR, ES, PT, IT, RU,EN
👑 E4K: RU, DE
🌻 BF: PL, CZ, RU, BG, DE
...are you interested?
Well, stop right there, you have reached your destination! We are always looking for open-minded enthusiasts who want to support us with keeping the forum a friendly and informative place and building an even stronger connection with our community!

❖ What would you do as a moderator?

★ You are that very important link between the community and Goodgame Studios, the right hand of our Community Managers - in many areas!

⋄ You welcome players, answer their questions and provide help and advice whenever needed.
⋄ Organize the forums by moving posts to the right place, remove unsuitable content and help maintain a positive atmosphere by making use of our Community Guidelines and also trustworthy knowledge of human nature.
⋄ You will also help your Community Managers collect player feedback on every aspect of the game and community.

❖ What are our minimum requirements?

▪ You must be at least 18 years of age.
▪ You must be fluent in written in the language you apply for.
▪ You must have good grammar.
▪ Good Knowledge of English is required to communicate internally with Community Managers and other international moderators.
▪ You have regular free time to volunteer towards the community, especially over the weekends.
▪ You are able to remain polite and calm when answering posts and private messages.
▪ You like to work in a Team (of international moderators).

❖ Preferred Qualities

▪ A good understanding of the game mechanics and the game in general.
▪ Knowledge of the forum rules and of the terms and conditions.
▪ Previous experience as a Moderator on a forum is an advantage, but not required.
▪ Ideally, you should also already have been active on the forums so that we can judge the quality of your posts and your social skills.

❖ Benefits

▪ Direct contact with the Community Managers!
▪ Opportunity to improve the quality of the forums.
▪ Chance to help build bridges between players and Goodgame Studios through a collection of player feedback.
▪ Occasional small tokens of appreciation from the CM Team

So, in case you are interested in becoming a moderator, please fill out this application form.

Do you have further questions, please do not heistate and contact a responsible Community Manager or one of our Moderators via a Private Message in the forums.

We are looking forward to your application! ☺

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