SkalCon Online
We want our online SkalCon event to bring our community together for charity, and we need your help to find the best ways to do that! SkalCon Online would be tentatively held September 18th-20th 2020.
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I would be willing to pay a fee for the following, with proceeds to support Tubman:
What activities would you participate in?
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Online (VTT) Pathfinder 1st Ed. Scenarios
Online (VTT) Pathfinder 2nd Ed. Scenarios
Online (VTT) Startfinder Scenarios
Online ACG
Attending online panels with guest speakers
Play in Guest/Author tables online
Watching a stream Guest/Author table with attendee players
Watching a streamed Guest/Author-only table
Donation-incentive streams (i.e. donations affect gameplay action)
Online RPG-esque board games
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How much would you donate to lock in a spot for an online Author/Guest table?
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Would you participate in an online raffle?
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Would you participate in an online silent auction?
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Do you have any suggestions or comments about what technology/programs to use when hosting SkalCon Online?
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