Standard Assets Refresh Survey
This survey is about using Standard Assets, a collection of assets, scripts, and example scenes that can be used to kickstart your Unity learning. We are updating the package and refreshing it and would love to know your thoughts.
Have you heard of the Unity Standard Assets?
Where did you get Standard Assets from?
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What version of Unity are you using?
What type of project are you using Standard Assets for?
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What parts of Standard Assets did you use?
For a refresh of Standard Assets we are looking at updating the 1st and 3rd person controllers, vehicles, 2D character controller and cross platform input system.
Is there anything else in the Standard Assets pack you would like to see included?
We are considering delivering Standard Assets with the new package format - just like features available via Window > Package Manager, so would like to know about your use of that part of Unity. Do you currently use Package Managed features in your projects?
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If you don't use packages, can you tell us why not?
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