ACC 2021 Missions Faith Pledge
What is a faith pledge?
A faith pledge is a commitment that you trust God will help you fulfill next year. It joins you with believers worldwide in reaching the lost with the Gospel and fulfilling the Great Commission.

Why should I give?
1. Giving pleases God and increases faith. It is an act of worship (Philippians 4:18) and an opportunity to trust God (Philippians 4:11-13; 4:19).
2. Giving reduces money's power over you. It prevents spiritual grief (1 Timothy 6:6-10).
3. Giving yields eternal riches. It is a blessing not only for this life, but also for all eternity (Matthew 6:19-20, Luke 6:38).

How do I make a faith pledge?
Prayerfully consider what God is leading you to commit to. Complete the form below and a response summary will be emailed to you for your personal records.
1) I currently attend (check all that apply): *
2) I commit to praying weekly for missionaries/mission organizations. *
3a) By faith, I make a commitment to GIVE joyfully and faithfully. *
3b) Select pledge amount based on your giving cadence in question 3a.
Clear selection
4) I commit to GO on a short-term missions trip next year (check all that apply):
5) I sense God leading me to go into full-time ministry or missions work. *
6) I commit to being involve and serve in ACC evangelism, outreach, and missions. *
Questions or comments?
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