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What do you wish Crown Chronicles did better? (Go on, be honest, we don't mind!)
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What do you think of our no-gossip policy when it comes to royal news?
This policy means we don't publish information unless we have good reason to believe it to be true, and do not speculate on Royals' private lives.
What would you like to see more of on the site?
e.g photos in articles, opinion blogs, explanations on workings of Monarchy, biographies on lesser-known or historic Royals, pieces featuring stately homes etc.
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What time of day do you most visit us?
We want to know when is best to post articles and posts so that you don't miss them!
Would you be interested in an exclusive members' area on TCC?
This would involve exclusive content, competitions, online hang outs, meet ups with the team, events at royal/historic locations, article requests and other such extras for a monthly subscription fee, available to UK and non-UK readers
How much would you be willing to pay for such an exclusive membership (per month)?
If you said no, what would tempt you to join such a membership club?
If yes, what would make it even more attractive?
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If you said yes to membership, would you be interested in different membership levels, in order to suit your budget?
This would mean fewer perks for a smaller fee, and more benefits if you had a more expensive membership.
Would you be interested in buying royal-themed merchandise from a TCC online shop?
This is a selection of the things you could see on TCC products, should they be made
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Did you know all of the writers and contributors who work for TCC are voluntary?
We do it for the love of the job
Do you follow us on social media? If all of them, which do you use mainly?
How do you usually arrive at the site?
What device do you normally use when browsing TCC?
Did you know we have a sister site, Replicate Royalty, covering royal fashion and giving you options to emulate the Royals' style?
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