MCF Support Group Awards
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How do patients get involved in your support group?
Are they referred by hospitals or local dentists? Is your support group advertised online anywhere? Do you offer support for relatives and carers or health professionals as well as patients? How do you encourage participation of members in the group to be involved in running projects?
Describe your group's activities and services.
Please give a summary of the head and neck cancer support group, as well as projects with examples of the work carried out and the activities undertaken. The Mouth Cancer Foundation would like to know what you feel is special, unique or innovative about your project and why it is a good candidate for these awards.
If your support group was awarded a grant, how would the money be utilised?
What activities, services, projects or initiatives would your Support Group carry out and how would these positively impact your participants quality of life?
Please ask a participant from your Support Group to provide a short statement on how your group has positively impacted them.
This can be from a patient, medical professional, family member or anyone who has used and benefited from your Support Group’s services.
How did you hear about the Mouth Cancer Foundation Support Group Awards?
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