BuildingBloCS 2023 Organisers Signup
Hello everyone!

We'll be opening signups for organisers in BuildingBloCS 2023!

BuildingBloCS is an annual Computer Science conference which includes the organisation of several hackathons and miscellaneous workshops. It is the largest student-run event in computer science in SG. Find out more at

As for your role, as an organiser, you can take part in any of the following areas:
  • Adshop (Admin + Workshop)
  • HR
  • Development and Hackathon
  • Publicity and Quality Assurance
  • Member Engagement
If you're interested in Computer Science, and in sharing CS with others around you, sign up now!

Please use the same name and email throughout your time with us here at BBCS. If you are about to graduate or have already graduated, please refrain from using your school email as they might be deactivated after your graduation 

If you have any queries, email
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