Take Care Exchange
How it works!

Take Care is an exchange of care for care.
Anyone wishing to receive Jen Smith's Care Package will do two simple tasks of care:
(1) write a postcard to an incarcerated Friend of Liberated Arts Collective and
(2) buy them a copy of HOW TO SURVIVE A QUARANTINE through the Collective.

We are also asking you to send a photo of your postcard to Liberated Arts Collective as proof of participation. Within the care package you will find an addressed, stamped envelope to mail your postcard via Liberated Arts Collective (LAC). LAC will forward the postcard along with How to Survive a Quarantine to a friend or family member who has requested correspondence.

Return addresses will remain anonymous unless otherwise requested. If you are interested in continued correspondence with an incarcerated Friend of Liberated Arts Collective, please make note of this and your return address will be provided to them.

The exchange generated by this project will go towards a future publication by Liberated Arts Collective.

Items going into prisons are highly monitored and have very specific parameters. Books going to an inmate must come directly from a publisher. If postcards are handmade – they cannot have staples, paper clips, marker, crayon, glitter glue, stickers or lipstick. Incarcerated individuals are banned from receiving direct shipments of personal items, but mail, even a postcard from a stranger, is a meaningful way prisoners remain connected to the world outside of prison walls.
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To purchase a zine-
Visit the following link to paypal: https://py.pl/Ay4rT4lZEZj
Proof of Participation
Send a photo of your postcard to: LiberatedArtsCollective@gmail.com
Do you want the package delivered to you by mail? *
If "yes" to the previous question, please provide your mailing address. Package will be mailed by USPS Priority Mail Medium Box. The cost is $15.05. Packages will be mailed out the week of October 26th. Please pay for shipping charges by sending a venmo to @jjpickles1
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