Cheating and Plagarism Survey
Coach Boog's Classes - Complete Anonymous
Have you ever committed Plagarism on a Paper, Essay, or Report? (Even a Little Bit?) *
Have you ever cheated on a test? (even a little bit?) *
In your opinion, about what percent of students in our school have cheated on a test at least once, that you know of? (If you don't know, estimate or guess.) *
If you have ever cheated on a test at least once, check the method(s) you used. (Check all that apply) *
If you have ever been caught cheating, how did you feel about it? *
If you have cheated but have never been caught, which best describes your feeling about it? *
Do you think that cheating on a test or an assignment is becoming the "norm" in high school? *
Do you think that committing plagiarism on a paper, essay, or report is becoming the "normal thing to do" in high school? *
What is more important to you personally? *
Please indicate your year of Graduation. *
What is your gender? *
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