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School libraries and the roles of school librarians must continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of 21st-century learners.  The quest to remain relevant requires ongoing change. There are a multitude of approaches that you can take to transform your school library, whether you decide to completely transform or make incremental changes one step at a time. Transforming your library may transform the culture of your entire school.

Are you ready to Transform Your School Library? The first step to any transformation is developing a Plan. This MackinTYSL Quick Start has been designed to help you begin your process of both determining your needs and developing your vision. After you have completed the assessment, you will receive a copy of your responses for your own reflective use. You will also receive an email with additional resources available to you in your learning process.
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1. Why are you embarking on this transformation with and for your school community?
2. If your school or school library has a mission statement, please type it below.
3. Please indicate which of the following grade levels this transformation will impact (check all that apply):
4. Which of the following areas of transformation best align with your school or district’s goals? Please check all that apply.
5. Which of the following best describes your current phase of transformation?
6. Please select which of the following ranges best matches your transformation budget:
7. Please indicate which of the following areas your budget will be allocated toward.
8. Below are some areas of transformation for which Mackin can support you. Please check all areas you are interested in learning more about:
If none of the above are what you’re looking for, please describe your need(s) below and someone from Mackin will reach out with a plan for how we can best help you:
9. Please use this space to note any additional information you believe would be helpful to the MackinTYSL Experts preparing recommendations.
Thank you for investing your time in completing the MackinTYSL Quick Start. Your answers have been received and if you indicated interest in Question 8, you can expect to hear from a MackinTYSL Expert shortly.
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