Appaloosa 2020 Ticket Transfers & Refunds
Hello, friends of Appaloosa! We were all looking forward to seeing you this Labor Day for another wonderful Appaloosa Festival. Given current circumstances, we must postpone our party until next year. We want to honor your tickets for next year or assist you with a refund. If you find yourself in a position to do so, there is also an option to donate your ticket, or a portion thereof, to keeping Appaloosa going since we annually incur substantial and unavoidable fixed costs - it would be a most appreciated gesture if you can swing it!

Please provide the name and email address you used to place the order and tell us how we can best help you. We will be working with our ticketing platform to process these by the end of August.

Thank you so much for supporting Appaloosa! We can't wait to see you next year!
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I agree to allow Appaloosa LLC to make the indicated adjustments to my ticket order. I understand that if I do not take any action through this survey by August 15, 2020 my order will automatically be honored for Appaloosa Festival 2021. *
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