Hyogo JET Survey
Hello everyone, this is a general Hyogo JET Survey which aims to summarize some general information about ALTs & CIRs( which are part of the JET Programme) living in Hyogo.

This information will be used to allow Hyogo JETS to not only see how different we are, but also how similar we are. Every situation may be different but sometimes our differences may be more similar than you think (to be confirmedđź‘€)

This information will also be given to incoming JETs so that can they can get a glimpse into the general Hyogo JET scene. Of course, these results cannot prove anything definite or scholarly but it still fun to see how we all generally are living/working so far right..?

You can edit your responses afterward if you believe you need to change something.

This information will not be shared with CLAIR or any other organisation, a summary/average of responses will only be available on the Hyogo AJET facebook/website.

The Survey is split into the following sections:
5.Settling In
6.Travelling to Work
7.Type of Work (ALT)
8.Type of Work (CIR)
9.CIR Work Culture
10.ALT Work Culture

Most of the questions are multiple choice/checkboxes.

The survey is about 5 minutes long but I hope you find some motivation&time to complete it :)

1.1Are you a ALT or CIR? *
1.2 What is your home country? *
*The country you applied from
1.3 What year JET are you? *
1.4 Did you attend orientation sessions? (Tokyo & Prefectural)
1.5 Which degree(s) did you graduate with prior to joining the JET program? *
Your answer
1.6 Did you hold any prior Teaching Qualifications/Experience? *
1.7 Prior to the program what was your Japanese Ability? *
1.8 What is your current Japanese Ability?
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