Blyton Park Event registration
Blyton Park: Saturday 11th September 2021
Event Address: Old Blyton Airfield, Kirton Rd, Blyton, Gainsborough DN21 3PE
Contact us at +44 (0) 781 800 3267 or
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I wish to drive cars and/or otherwise participate in the motoring event listed below organised by Single Marque Events Ltd.

I understand that motorsport and trackday activity is hazardous and I am voluntarily exposing myself to risk of damage or loss or personal injury by participating in the practice session and I make the following declaration. "That I wish to drive a vehicle or vehicles, and/or otherwise participate in a motoring activity event organised by Single Marque Events LTD (SME/MOT)".

I understand that racing is prohibited and that the purpose of the event is to allow the participants to improve their skills and familiarity with the circuit and learn the handling characteristics of the vehicle(s) they are using.

I understand that any insurance carried by SME/MOT and/or the event location operator in respect of any liability which might arise out of the track event will be limited, and that my own motor, third party and public liability is unlikely to cover me for my losses, liabilities or personal injury and I agree not to hold any member, agent or staff of SME/MOT responsible or liable for any loss or damage to property or person.
I understand the following
SME/MOT will not be scrutineering participant's vehicles before permitting them on the track, nor has it any control over the level of competence of other participants.

SME/MOT whilst giving guidance on and where required to, enforcing the rules and safety standards of the event location operator, will not otherwise enforce track discipline or safety measures. Participants are fully responsible for the way in which they drive, for their behaviour towards other participants, their own safety and wellbeing and for wearing appropriate protective clothing.

SME/MOT and/or the event location operator may refuse access if a participant or their vehicle infringe any relevant rules or regulations or appear dangerous. Any payment(s) that have made to SME/MOT will not be refundable under these circumstances.

It is a condition of my participation of the activity, or activities, in which I intend to take part that in the event of accident, loss or damage occurring during such activity or activities I will not pursue any claim for damages against any other participant (save in respect of injury or death)
I declare that
That I am fit and healthy and my eyesight (with lenses if to be worn) is adequate for track use.

That any vehicle for which I am responsible, and/or which I will use on the track, is in good and suitable mechanical condition. My vehicle will have a current MOT certificate or meet MSA regulations for the class of vehicle. I agree that my vehicle will only be allowed to participate if it complies with the venue noise regulations.

That I hold a current full driving licence entitling me to use, on the public roads in the UK, a vehicle of the size and type that I will be using on track.

That I will not participate in an activity event whilst under the influence of alcohol or any drug that might impair my judgement or abilities.

That I will take full responsibility for the safety of any passenger that I may carry. As a passenger, I will accept that my safety is entirely the responsibility of the driver and that I accept these conditions in full.

I agree to make no claim against SME/MOT or its officers or agents or the location / venue owner and operator and other event participants in respect of any loss or injury suffered by me during a motoring activity event, and to indemnify SME/MOT, its officers or agents and other event participants against costs and losses arising out of any claim made against them by anyone to the extent that such costs and losses are attributable directly or indirectly to my participation in a motoring activity event. I will read and agree with the above declaration and indemnity, and agree that its terms will also apply to my participation in any future motor activity event organised by SME/MOT, unless I sign a subsequent declaration and indemnity which will then take precedence.

This declaration is governed solely by English law. The English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute or claim arising from or related to these terms and conditions (and the documents referred to in them) and/or attendance at the venue.
I understand the above and wish to take part. *
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