HippoLogic Membership Market Research
Market research to help Sandra from HippoLogic to find out what R+ horse people want to see in a membership
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1. For long have you had your current horse/lease horse? *
2. When did you start using a bridge signal paired with a reinforcer to train your horse? *
4. If you could train your horse to do ANYTHING (absolutely anything you wish!), what would that be? What would you do with your horse if s/he could do that?
3. What level clicker trainer do you consider yourself? *
5. What do you use clicker training for? (Multiple answers possible) *
6. What do you want to learn in order improve your clicker skills? (Multiple answers possible)
7. What would you like to see in a membership community for positive reinforcement? (Choose 3 that are most important to YOU) *
8. What would you value the most in a membership? (Pick one of the answers above) *
9. What would you consider a fair price for the things you listed above? (price per month + currency: USD/AUD/CAD/EURO etc) *
10. If I start a membership community, do you want to become a founding member? A founding member influences the topics, is active and pays the lowest price (and... your membership fee will never go up) *
My age is .... *
YES, I am interested to hear more and even might become a founding member. Please send me more info. I share my name and email below
Thank you for helping me. Here is a video that's only available for HippoLogic inner circle students.
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