Diaspora Ecosystem Census
Generation Green is an ecosystem that strives to foster an intergenerational network, community, and platform that fortifies youth leadership in the environmental liberation movement throughout the Afrikan Diaspora. We do diasporic organizing around Black liberation and its intersections with land, environment, climate, and place.

Environmental Liberation (EL) is Generation Green's foundational ideological framework posed to claim a decolonized, regenerative, and autonomous future. EL critically analyzes the injustices in the environment(s) of the Black experience that stem from colonialism, racial capitalism and white supremacy. This framework seeks to return Black people around the world to their ancestral connection and relationship to the Earth.

We seek to build collective power by building community, organizing and mobilizing around a common agenda, and working to build a world where we thrive. We’re connecting with Black folx across the diaspora to see where we align and how we can best support each other.
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