Student Success Act Community Input
Student Success Act and Student Investment Account Funds may be spent in the following ways: reducing academic disparities, meeting students’ mental and behavioral health needs, providing access to academic courses, staff professional development, and establishing and strengthening partnerships. Please help us plan for these funds by responding to the following questions. Thank you!
When you think of your experiences with our school system, what do you believe are areas of strength in Umatilla schools?
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When you think of your experiences with our school system, what do you believe we need to improve?
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Please rank order the following with 1 being your highest priority for funding and 5 being your lowest priority for funding.
Reducing Academic Disparities- Examples: Decreasing class sizes, increasing teacher and assistant staffing, adding supports for English Language Learners, and adding supports for Special Education students.
Meeting Students’ Mental and Behavioral Health Needs- Examples: Increasing levels of behavior specialists, school counselors, and mental health providers.
Providing Access to Academic Courses- Examples: Additional elective classes, increased college and trade school opportunities, providing challenge classes for high performing students, and adding intervention classes for struggling students.
Staff Professional Development- Examples: Increased training for teachers, educational assistants and school staff.
Establishing and Strengthening Partnerships Examples- Seeking outside supports for students with partners in the region.
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