Focus Area Recommendations
This is an online engagement survey for the Steering Committee and the public to use as direction for land use recommendations for targeted focus areas in Deerfield Township. This is for the final 4 Sub Areas of the Township which were not addressed in the previous January and February Steering Committee work sessions.

To try to allow the committee to continue the discussion during the COVID-19 situation, we wanted to offer this opportunity for you to record your opinions, so when we next meet in person we only have to discuss the areas that differ from the provided recommendations.

MDC recommends having your paper copy of the workbook in front of you as you complete this exercise, or have it open in the background on your computer or tablet for reference. You may want to refer to the front section of the workbook (pages 2-9) for the Character Area and Land Use Descriptions (pages 6 and 7) if you would like to suggest an alternative use for an area. You can access the workbook online here.
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We are asking everyone who participates to sign-in with their name and email address so we can track Steering Committee participation and public participation since this is the preliminary exercise before the Steering Committee recommendations are presented to the public for their feedback.
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