Blueforest Video Personality Profile
Ready to decide the personality of your video? In general this personality should be close to your overall brand personality but in some cases can vary in important ways. As you choose from the various options, remember you can choose the extreme ends of the scale or the some level in between. Keep in mind that for some items is hard or impossible to strike an exact middle road between the two extremes. For example is it hard to be quirky and traditional at the same time.

You do not have to fill out every item, but try to fill in as many as you can.

Your Project Description
Describe your video project in a few sentences. What are the known factors? Is this live action or animated or mixed? Are there people we need to interview? Are there particular shots or concepts that must be included?
Your answer
Find a video that you really like that is similar in some what to the type of video you are looking for on this project. Paste the links into the box below. Describe what you like about the inspiration video (and what you don't like.)
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