Volunteer Application 2017
Welcome to the Volunteer Application Form for Atlanti-Con 6! Take a moment to fill out the form below so we can get to know you and learn about what you'd like to do for the festival! Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee a spot on the Atlanti-Con volunteer team.
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Have you volunteered with Atlanti-Con before?
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When is your birthday?
PLEASE NOTE: You must be 16 or older at the time of the convention to apply.
Do you have any allergies or medical conditions we should be aware of?
This one is kind of personal, but we want to make sure our volunteers are looked after!
If you answered "Yes" above, please provide a brief desciption if you'd like.
This is completely optional. Please do not feel the need to provide any personal details at this time.
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Are you currently a high school student?
If so, you can volunteer with us and get your volunteer hours in!
T-Shirt Size
We'd like to know what size shirt to order for you!
Tell us a little more!
We'd like to know more about why you want to volunteer!
What would you like to do at Atlanti-Con 6?
This will give us a better idea of where to place you!
Volunteering for Atlanti-Con means long hours and sore footsies. You in?
We suffer for what we love!
Okay if you can handle it, when are you available to help out?
Tell us when we can schedule you!
If you have volunteered with us before, you can ignore this section.
We may want to check some references. You cool with that?
If we do we'll ask for a short list from you.
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