Camp True/False COUNSELOR Application 2019
Application Deadline: Wednesday, November 28, 2018
What is True/False?
The True/False Film Fest is an internationally acclaimed cultural event that takes place in downtown Columbia in March. The festival brings hundreds of filmmakers, musicians, and artists from around the world for a weekend full of excitement, art, music, film, and conversation. The festival celebrates nonfiction film, public art, and independent music.
What is Camp True/False?
Camp True/False introduces a select group of high school students to the world of True/False. Students in the program meet regularly leading up to the Fest, then go through the Fest together, guided by teachers and college-aged Camp T/F counselors. This crash course in independent contemporary culture is completely free and open to high school students from Missouri and across the country. During the Fest, students see films, meet with artists and experts, and participate in a creative project.
What do Camp True/False Counselors do?
Camp T/F counselors (a Juggernaut volunteer position) work with a small group of high school students to prepare them for the Fest, and then lead them through the Fest weekend. Counselors see films with the students, and facilitate discussions about storytelling, media, history, truth, art, documentary, and social justice. Counselors will also help students document their experience through a creative project. The Camp T/F students and counselors will meet a total of seven times (six before the Fest, once after) to prepare for the Fest and then to debrief. Counselors help lead these meetings.

Ultimately, the Camp T/F counselors guide students through the Fest and help them think more critically and expansively about media and art. Camp T/F counselors attend all meetings and must be available for the entirety of the Fest weekend. Volunteering as a Camp T/F Counselor is a transformative opportunity for you to develop your communication, facilitation, and media literacy talents, as well as your knowledge about art and culture. We hope you apply!

Check out this video from Camp T/F 2016
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