2022 Phoenix North American Bridge Championship - Team Partnership 
Use this form to request a partner for a team event at the 2022 Phoenix NABC.
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Please note this partnership form will only be used BEFORE the Phoenix NABC begins.   Please go to the Partnership Desk for pairing once the tournament has started.  If you submitted a partnership request and did not get a partner we will fill out a partnership card for you   Thank you.
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Enter your cell phone number so that we can contact you during the Phoenix NABC.
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Enter the bidding systems you are able to play.
Thursday, November 24
Friday, November 25
Saturday, November 26
Sunday, November 27
Monday, November 28
Tuesday, November 29
Wednesday, November 30
Thursday, December 1
Friday, December 2
Saturday, December 3
Sunday, December 4
Other Information
We will notify you via email if we find a person we think is a possible match for your partnership request.   It is your responsibility to contact them and determine if you want to play together.   If you decide to pair up please tell us so we can remove your partnership request.  Thank you.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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