SUBMISSION FORM : #OTMgiveaway2018
If you have already reviewed the full giveaway details and rules on our website and are ready to submit your entry, complete the form below, to be entered into the draw. If you haven't yet read the giveaway details, you'll find them here;

As a reminder, all individuals completing this form MUST BE 18 or older.
Minors under the age of 18 who wish to enter, must have this form completed by their PARENT or GUARDIAN, who grants permission for their child or dependent to participate in this giveaway.

LIMIT: 1 entry per person. Additional entries will result in disqualification.

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Only applicants associated with a synchronized skating team are eligible to win the Grand Prize of 20 custom OTM t-shirts. To be entered into the Grand Prize draw, list your team affiliation (team name + level) below. Only list ONE (1) team. This is the team that will receive the custom OTM t-shirts if your name is drawn. NOTE: if the applicant is not affiliated with a synchro team, leave this section blank. You will still be entered into the Runner-Up draw for 1 of 5 OTM x Jackson Play zip ups, along with all other individuals who did not win the Grand Prize!
Video Submission from the applicant: In 30 seconds or less, tell us why you love synchronized skating! **ONCE COMPLETE, EMAIL IT TO Make sure it complies with the rules on our website giveaway page;
Mandatory: Please check the box below to be eligible to enter this giveaway. *
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