Take a Politician to Work Day
ASAP is planning to host local officials and representatives for visits to Cornell's campus this Spring semester. We are seeking labs to volunteer to lead a brief, half hour tour for staffers and policy makers. These tours are meant to engage policy makers and interest them in the work being done at Cornell:

Labs are expected to make a certain commitment to 1) be prepared with an interesting demo or example of work to show off, 2) engage their PI, labmates, and associated undergraduates to attend the half-hour tour in order to represent the larger work/training opportunities provided by the lab, 3) engage with staffers and policy makers in a positive, non-partisan way. Remember, you will be representing the broader scientific purpose of Cornell.

Please feel free to submit this form even if you are not yet certain of PI support, just note any concerns in the space provided below.

Please contact CRL222@cornell.edu with questions, concerns , and any disability accommodation requests.

Learn more: http://cornellasap.org/

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Please give a brief statement of what scientific area of interest you will be representing. (ie, forest ecosystem science, immunology and vaccine development)
Briefly, what technologies/techniques/demonstrations would you be show-casing to visiting staffers and policy-makers?
Where would you expect to lead your 'lab' tour?
Do you have support from your PI to host this tour?
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