FPSLynx Admin Application
Read the instructions below.
Welcome to apply!
Before proceeding towards the actual admin application, please read through the following information, basic requirements and other useful tips regarding the application. This said, you know what you are getting into.

About FPSLynx:
-FPSLynx currently owns over 40 servers (ref. http://fpslynx.gameme.se)
-FPSLynx.se and it's resources are located in Sweden.
-FPSLynx is a running under a non-profit status.
-FPSLynx has been around as a brand since January 2016.
-Our working language is English, even though the majority of the staff are from Sweden.
-We use discord (https://discordapp.com/) as our primary communications channel.

While applying:
-Before applying, make sure you have registered an account to (http://fpslynx.se) with valid and real information.
-Write your application in ENGLISH.
-While applying, fill your information correctly. If we are asking for something, there's a reason for it. This includes:
*Name = Your real name (Including last name)
*Age = Your real age (Giving a fake age won't help your progress)
*Discord = Your username and your #id (Your username alone does not help us.)

Good to know:
-Our goal is to train our admins to be the best of the best. If you are just looking for a half-way stop, this is not your place.
-Our general in-take age is approximately 17. You are allowed to apply with any lower ages, but keep in mind that your application overall impresses us. Also remember that faking your age higher won't give you any advantage in the long run.
-If you belong to a clan that practices a lot, or if you use your sparetime to play with a team in tournaments, this is the last point to rethink your time usage.
-Being a part of the FPSLynx will take time off your days, this is not a "friend's" server where you get slapped with admin rights if you show up every now and then. We are looking for skill, dedication and strong personalities.

After you have sent your application:
-Once your application is recieved into our systems, you will get a PM in discord with some additional information.
-If you use time to make your application and show that you are dedicated, your chances of getting through are higher.
-Once you get accepted, you will recieve an invitation to an interview in the FPSLynx discord.

Hoping to see you in our team shortly!

// FPSLynx Recruiting

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