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    Use this form to submit your request to join any or all of our family's discussion and announcements forums. The forums are "members only." This means that only those who complete this application form AND satisfy the forum's administrator that they have a legitimate purpose for being a member. A "legitimate purpose" means that they are a member of one of the families by ancestry, marriage, personal friendship, or some other reason that makes sense to the administrator. From time to time, the administrator may post additional rules and/or guidelines for the use of the members. The member is responsible for reading and complying with those rules. They will be posted in a "Forum Rules and Agreements" section. It is the intended purpose of the application process to keep out spammers and other trouble-makers. If your membership application is approved, you will be notified by email when your account is set up. Your use of the forum to promote business or by submitting abusive posts may result in the reduction of your access privileges up to the possibility of closing down your access completely. By submitting your application you must agree to abide by these terms.
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