HWCon 2020 Vendor application
Please fill out this form if you are interested in having a vendor table at the Hearth's Warming Con 2020 Community Market for selling your merchandise. We'll be in touch after the deadline for registering has passed.

We make a distinction between commercial vendors and non-commercial vendors.
Non-commercial means art, crafts, custom made items, second hand items, and older generations of My Little Pony. Non-commercial vendors are not allowed to sell new official Friendship is Magic (G4) merchandise or ponies. (Second hand or homemade items are allowed). Non-commercial sellers get a discount on table price, but are limited to a maximum of one table.

Commercial vendors are allowed to sell new official Friendship is Magic ponies and merchandise. They can also get more than one table. For more information or options email vendors@hwcon.nl.

All vendors need a valid Hearth's Warming Con 2020 ticket. You can buy this later on the tickets page on the website.

A vendor table includes free bottles of water. And you're free to bring your own food and drinks this time.
Full name *
As written in your identification document.
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Vendor nickname
This is what we'll call you in the conbook. If left blank, we'll use your real name as vendor name.
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Date of birth
Email address *
This is our primary communication method.
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Mobile phone number
In case you decide to leave us your phone number, we will only call you for issues that require immediate or short-term attention. (Please start with your country code (0031 for the Netherlands)).
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Country of residence *
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Merchandise specifics
Primary wares *
Featured generations
Types of merchandise and estimated numbers *
What types of products do you sell and how many pieces would you estimate bringing of each type? One type and estimation per line. Examples are art prints, buttons, plushies etc. For amounts a rough estimate is fine.
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Merchandise showreel
Please, if possible, link us to a page containing examples of the merchandise you sell.
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Vendor table specifics
Amount of chairs *
How many chairs would you like with your table?
Amount of tables *
How many tables would you like (non-commercial sellers can have a maximum of one table)
(De)construction assistance
If relevant, please name the employee that will require early/late access to the vendor area to help you (de)construct your vendor table.
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Other employees
Please list the names and job descriptions of all of your vendor table employees. One employee per line. Leave blank in case you are by yourself during the convention.
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Thank you for your interest! Just a few more questions.
Vendor rules *
Please read the vendor rules as written on the website: http://www.hwcon.nl/community-market/
Preferred Saturday opening times *
The committee is still deciding on final opening hours on Saturday. Please let us know what you prefer so we can keep that in mind when making the decision.
Let us know if you have any questions or remarks.
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