Midlife Transformation Call
Hello dear one.

I'm delighted you reached out to explore having a Midlife Transformation Call with me.

It’s a game changer for a woman entering midlife, to be guided and mentored in how to honor herself and her deeper wisdom so she can be reborn.

In this 45-60 minute call, I'll deeply listen to what's changing inside of you and we'll discuss the following:

*Clarify what's going on as you move into this midlife initiation, and what drew you to my work at this time
*Discover one main life area you're longing to redesign, and pinpoint a creative action that'll propel you into potent change
*Explore the inner resources you already hold to meet this change you're yearning for, that'll help you rebuild your life
*If I feel I can potently guide you through your midlife initiation and the changes you long for, I'll answer your questions about working with me and introduce you to my Mentorship Program, The Aliveness Process.

Normally, I charge $333 for this type of session, but this call is free for qualified applicants. This is my way of discerning if I can truly be of help, and to make sure I'm a good match for you.

Please take a moment and fill in the initial questions and reflections below. Thank you for sharing your heart, hopes and personal contact information with me.

[All information is strictly confidential, and for my own purpose of contacting you and scheduling a Midlife Transformation Call.]

Thank you for your time.
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Are you looking to receive transformative support right now? If yes, how do you envision this looking and when are you hoping to begin?
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