2017 Mercury Challenge Registration (Closed)
Thank you for your interest in Mercury Remote Robot Challenge! If you have any questions please email me at huizeng@okstate.edu. Please update the form with the correct information so we can configure our network for your robot.
Team Information
Team / Robot Name *
Your team and robot will be referred by the name you specified in this field throughout the competition. Make sure you enter the same name if you are re-submitting your registration.
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School, University, or Institution
Leave this field empty if you are not part of an institution or organization and are entering the competition as a private entity.
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Class (Name and Number) or Club / University Organization Name
Please provide class name and number if the robot is part of a class project. Leave this field empty if the robot is not affiliated with a class or a club.
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Advisor or Instructor Name
Only if the team is part of a class or club
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Advisor or Instructor E-Mail
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Team Leader Name *
The team leader will receive all communication from us. The team leader must be present on the venue during the competition. Please let us know if the team leader can not attend.
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Team Leader E-Mail *
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Team Leader Phone Number *
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Robot Operator Name
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Robot Handler Name
Leave blank if the team leader is also the handler
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Technical Assistant Name
Leave blank if the team is only comprised of three people
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Shirt Sizes
We provide t-shirts for team members (up to three t-shirts with sizes from S to XL).
Shirt size for Team Leader
Shirt size for Robot Operator
Shirt size for Robot Handler
Shirt size for Technical Assistant (if applicable)
Shirt size for Advisor (if applicable)
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