Collegian AIG Mentoring - Alumni Participation
Thanks for your interest in the Collegian's mentoring program! We hope to make this the best it can be, so your feedback is especially valuable. Please feel free to share this with other Collegian alumni who might be interested, as well.
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If you could lead one mentoring workshop for current Collegian students, what would that be? (In other words, what skills from your own background would you be most excited to share with Collegian students?)
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Are you positioned to present on any of the following topics? (These topics are not a final agenda for the mentoring program, but they were generated as an initial list of requests from Collegian leaders.)
No experience in this area
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Leadership/management training
Web traffic optimization
Business insights/data analytics
Graphic design
Multimedia production
How to make the most of beat reporting
Sports reporting
Crime reporting
Political reporting
Multimedia production
Investigative journalism
Data journalism
Translating Collegian experience into the professional world
Sales training/revenue management
Other (please specify using the space provided in the final question!)
Would you be interested in participating in any of the following, if offered? *
Not at all likely to participate
No strong feelings either way
Somewhat likely to participate
Very likely to participate
In-person workshops, open to all staff
One-on-one mentoring, via phone or Skype
Group mentoring, via Skype
Online Q&A with Collegian alumni
Other (please specify using the space provided in the final question!)
Did we miss something? Let us know if you have any other ideas for the mentoring program.
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