CodeRage 2019 Session Submission
Instead of the 45 minute pre-recorded sessions with 15 minute live Q&A on a fixed schedule, we are switching to a series of shorter videos, each by different presenters, around a single topic with a single Q&A session hosted round table style. CodeRage 2019 is spread out over seven weeks from Oct 29th to Dec 19th (skipping the last week of November in observance of Thanksgiving in the USA.) Each video will be around 5 minutes in length, and include a link to slides, code, and paper/blog post. The series will go live on Tuesday of the week as part of an unlisted playlist on YouTube. Everyone who registered will receive access to the playlist, allowing them to view the videos on their own schedule and also submit questions for the Q&A. On Thursday of the week there will be a live, hosted, round table conversation around the topic of the week, including Q&A from the attendees during the week. The hosted session will be added to the YouTube playlist for anyone who couldn’t attend live.

Use this form to submit a session you will present. You are not required to attend the round-table discussion with Q&A, but are encouraged to do so. Please feel free to submit multiple sessions!

* Duration: 5 to 10 minutes
* Resolution: 1920x1080 is recommended, but not larger (not everyone has 4K monitors).
* Make sure your text is easily readable (might want to use a larger font).
* Keep it short! Just talk about a specific topic and do a demo.
* Recommend that you provide accompanying resources, like slides, a blog post, code, etc.

Notice that each series has a different due date for videos!
Email address *
Notice about your email address
Your email address is the key for all your sessions and bio. Please use the same email address across all the forms! Ideally it should be the email associated with your Google account to facilitate uploading files. You will receive an email allowing you to edit your session after submitted as well, please save that.
Series *
In which series does your session best fit? There is an "other" category, but it won't have the round-table/Q&A discussion so try to stick to one of the other ones, even if you can't attend the Q&A date.
Title *
The title of your session. Be creative and descriptive.
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Description *
Go into detail about what you will cover. Since the session is short spell out in detail what you are going to cover.
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Additional resources
What additional resources do you plan to share with the attendees? (if any)
Attend Q&A *
Note the specific date of the Q&A for your series. You don't need to attend, but it would be nice if you could.
Language *
English is preferred, but if you are more comfortable in another language that is fine. We do ask if you record in a language besides English you provide a transcript or subtitles, and English translation.
Any comments for the reviewers (not for publication.) If you need special considerations, or have concerns, mention that here.
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By submitting this form you commit that, if accepted, you will produce your materials as described and deliver them by the dates specified. You also grant permission for Embarcadero Technologies to edit your submission for content or length and to share it on YouTube, social media, online, offline, or otherwise as Embarcadero desires. In return Embarcadero agrees attribute the work to you. You accept that publishing or using of your submitted materials is solely at Embarcadero Technologies's discretion.
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