Share your book-story with us
Books and stories have transformative powers. We all have books that have changed us in big and small ways. This is a call to everyone who has had an immersive experience with a book to share it with others.

What will we do with these stories?
We will share it on the web site and social media profiles of BookPrescriber(

Because we believe in the power of books and real stories to change lives. When you share your story, you just might help someone who was in the same position as you, change their life and their thought process.

Is there a book that changed your life? Is there a book that changed how you think? Or a book that helped you in anyway(big or small) at a certain time in your life? *
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Share your story with us and inspire others. Why did this book have the said impact on you? Can you share your thoughts on what this book did for you? *
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