Student Survey (Elementary/Intermediate)
This survey assists with planning for a positive culture and climate on your campus.
Do adults at school encourage you to work hard so you can be successful? *
Do your teachers work hard to help you with your schoolwork when you need it? *
Do teachers give students a chance to take part in classroom discussions or activities? *
Does this school help all students be successful in school? *
Do teachers go out of their way to help students? *
Do you feel close to people at school? *
Are you happy to be at this school? *
Do you feel like you are part of this school? *
Do teachers treat students fairly at school? *
Do you feel safe at school? *
Does this school clearly tell students what would happen if they break school rules? *
Are rules in this school made clear to students? *
Do students know how they are expected to act? *
Are the school rules fair? *
Are students treated fairly when they break school rules? *
Do teachers and other grown‐ups at school treat students with respect? *
Do students treat teachers with respect? *
Do other kids hit or push at school when they are not just playing around? *
Are you afraid of being beaten up at school? *
Do other kids at school spread mean rumors or lies about you? *
Do other kids at this school ever tease you about what your body looks like? *
Do other kids at this school ever tease you about the way you talk? *
Do other kids steal or damage your things, like your clothing or your books? *
Thank you for your input!
We strive to provide you with a safe, challenging, and nurturing learning environment!
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