Student Engagement Audit
Choose 'yes' or 'no' for the following questions
Is recent student work prominently displayed in classrooms. corridors and other spaces?
Are the floor coverings in your classroom & corridors conducive to learning?
Are your classroom furnishings clean & inspiring (free from graffiti & chewing gum)?
Are the spaces around your school free of graffiti?
Is the quality of the student bathrooms at a respectable standard?
Do visitors feel welcome when they arrive at your school?
Could your staff room use a make-over?
Do your playgrounds provide space for both active and passive break time?
Do you model ideal interaction between staff & students?
Can your students access activities during lunch breaks?
Does you school partner with external agencies?
Are you supported with behavioural challenges by your executive team?
Do you feel well equipped to deal with problematic behaviour?
Could your school improve the recognition of positive behaviours?
Would you estimate you spend more time in negative behavioural management, rather than meaningful teaching?
Can high achievers expand areas of interest freely at your school?
Does your school have a culture of success for ALL students?
Would your students benefit from better understanding the benefits of working in high performing environments?
Are you encouraged to continue your own professional development?
Are your students given extension opportunities?
Have you got an in depth knowledge about differentiating the curriculum?
Do your students freely ask probing questions?
Could your students benefit from more individualised learning opportunities?
Does your programming and lesson plans demand academic rigour from your students?
Would your students benefit from greater flexibility in their learning?
Does your school have set expectations that can be recited by staff and students?
When students fall short of school expectations are there appropriate consequences?
Rather than negativity, is the majority of staffroom talk based around successful outcomes?
Do you share resources & successes with other teachers?
Could you benefit from knowing your students’ individual needs in a better way?
Can your students appropriately use the meta-language of their subjects?
Are your students given opportunities to make choices in their education?
Do you have fully functioning lights & fans/air-conditioner in your classroom?
Do you spend significant amounts of time after hours preparing your teaching?
Would you benefit from more hours in the day to prepare engaging lessons?
Are there physical spaces in your school that would benefit from an upgrade?
Do you loose sleep at night about not reaching EVERY one of your students?
Are your students exposed to relevant learning outside the school gates (excursions, field trips)?
Do you feel too much time is spent planning rather than teaching?
Do your students look after their physical space?
Do you have mismatched furniture or untidy learning spaces?
Is the time in your school week designed to maximise learning opportunities?
Are there systems that support learning (Learning Support Teams, Mentoring Programs)?
Do your students regularly learn with older or younger students?
Does your school celebrate diversity?
Could your students benefit from greater celebration of their successes?
Would you highly rate parental involvement in your school?
Does your school collaborate with partner schools?
Are your students given a voice in the direction of the school?
Are staff and students proud to be members of your school community?
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