Traffic Incident Report
The Regent Neighborhood Association (RNA) Streets and Transportation Committee is providing this form in order to build a database to support improved safety for pedestrians and bicyclists in the neighborhood. This is meant to provide information in addition to concerns reported through more formal means - 911 calls, Alder communication, and use of on-line city of Madison reporting tools.

This form provides an opportunity for Regent neighbors to note concerns involving negative, or potentially negative, interactions between pedestrians and/or bicyclists and automobiles. These concerns may include close calls witnessed, infrastructure issues, speed violations, etc. In short, if there is anything regarding transportation in the neighborhood that you regard as troubling, please report it here. Thanks for helping us make our neighborhood safer.
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Consider contacting Shiva (our alder) at 220-6986 or district 5@cityofmadison and remember that you can report events to the city police on-line here:
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