NSBE 2018 National Hackathon
NSBE is excited to announce the 5th NSBE Hackathon! The hackathon will take place during the 44th Annual Convention in Pittsburgh, PA. It will last for 16 hours beginning on Friday, March 23rd at 7pm. All computer science and related majors are encouraged to attend as well as industry professionals! We only have space for 80 participants so apply early! The deadline to register is Monday, March 5th. You will receive a final confirmation of attendance by Friday, March 9th. You can register as an individual or as a 3-5 person team. Please read on for more information and complete this entire registration form if you wish to attend the hackathon.

Please note: You MUST be registered to attend the NSBE Annual Convention and be 18 years or older in order to participate in this event.

More about the hack:

Whether you've participated in hacks before or none at all, this is your opportunity to bring a new and innovative idea to life by building a working prototype alongside your peers and industry professionals. There will be food, snacks, and caffeine to keep you energized throughout the night. Not to mention an opportunity to network with our sponsors and compete for many awesome prizes for the best ideas!

The 5th Annual NSBE Annual Hackathon, is powered by Google and sponsored by Rockwell Collins, Inc.,Two Sigma, and Goldman Sachs.

More info will be shared with those that register, but here are some frequently asked questions:

- - FAQ - -

Q: Do I need programming experience to attend?
A: Yes, programming experience is required. However, this hack is for varying programming experience levels and you do not need to have any specific language experience.

Q: What’s the agenda?
A: More details will be sent to confirmed participants, but you can expect an action-packed 16 hours! While most of your time will be spent on idea generation, prototyping, coding, and group collaboration, there will be time set aside for networking with your peers and our sponsors as well.

Q: Do I have to be there the whole time?
A: Yep! The hack will be a team activity, so it's important that all team members are committed to the entire 16 hour event. No exceptions allowed.

Q: Where will the hack be located?
A: The hack event will be taking place at Google's Pittsburgh office.

Q: Can individuals outside of NSBE participate?
A: No. This event is exclusively for NSBE members attending the Annual Convention. We want to showcase our top NSBE talent and provide collegiate members with a brand new event that will allow them to demonstrate their technical skills!

Q: Will transportation be provided to and from the Google office from the convention?
A: Yes, transportation will be provided to and from the Google office. More information will be shared closer to the Hackathon.

Stay tuned for more information on the AWESOME PRIZES we will be offering! Prizes will be awarded based on the best and most creative ideas and prototypes. So put on your thinking caps, bring your A-game and get ready for NSBE Hackathon!

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