Vocal Ensemble Sign-Up Sheet
This form is for anyone interested to being a part of the small vocal ensembles that will be helping Wilson lead the singing during our 9:00 and 11:00 services. Depending on our numbers, I may be dividing this group into small ensembles of 10 to 12, and could use the different groups from week to week or even service to service.
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If you are a choir member, in which section do you sing? (If you haven't joined the choir yet, you may skip this question.)
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Planning Center
You will be receiving email invites to services via Planning Center. This is a web-based service that allows us to organize our services, share orders of services, and send song titles and files to singers and musicians. You must provide the best email address for you, and Wilson will be sending that email address an invite for planning center. Once you have received that email, you will be directed to click on a link and create an account with planning center. You will also create a password for this account. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE OR FORGET THIS PASSWORD! Once you have created your account, Wilson will send you an invite for training videos and invites to sing in services starting on May 31st.
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Wilson should be sending you a "Welcome to Planning Center" email with the link to create your account and your password. I am so glad that you wish to be involved with the Music Ministry at Tom's Creek Baptist Church.
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