Request for Major Project Proposal

The Rotary Club of Cadillac is now accepting proposals for funding a Major Community Project. Proposals will be accepted from September 1st through October 15th, 2019.
The proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:
1. Helping make our community a better place in which to live
2. Benefit a large cross-section of residents of our community
3. Be a visible tribute to the Rotary Club of Cadillac Spirit of community
4. Be a lasting contribution to future generations of our community
5. Help unite the Rotary Club of Cadillac members to work for a common goal
6. Be funded in whole or part by the Rotary Club of Cadillac Auction and, if possible, provide an opportunity for club members to individually lend their expertise to carry out the project
7. Be maintained and operated by a responsible partner outside of Rotary

Proposals should not exceed 10 pages in length.
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Please provide a detailed project description that addresses the following criteria:
• The scope of the project;
• How the project will better the organization;
• How the project will better the community;
• What role Rotary will play in completing this project.
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