Crossroads Family Meal Hosting Sign-Up : Dates: September 29th-October 13th
A Crossroads Family Meal, at its simplest, is a means to connect with others who call Crossroads "home". Even more, it's an opportunity to share with others in the goodness of God, to express dependence upon him as a community, and to celebrate all that He's done with others in the family of God. There is so much importance in slowing down and joining with one another around the table to break bread and share stories of God's provision and presence in our lives. The table is where relationships are deepened, where family reconnects and where God's faithfulness is proclaimed. We invite you to the table to participate in hosting a meal.

This meal will be what you make it. Breakfast. Brunch. Dinner. You get to choose the meal and the time. Choose a focus (missional, neighborhood, or life season) or leave it open to anyone. Do you want to make all the food or go old-fashioned potluck style? It's entirely up to you.

We love that these meals have become a regular part of the rhythm of community at Crossroads. Friends opening their homes to those in the same neighborhood or with the same heartbeat and passions; making connections and developing true friendship and family. It's our way of making the larger Crossroads family smaller. These meals aren't just for new people...but for everyone. We hope it's a way to bring the mission of God into the ordinary...where we live.

********To host a meal, please fill out the following form by September 7th. We will have approximately 10 hosts so sign up soon!**********

At the bottom is a list of frequently asked questions but if you have more, email Jen Schmid@
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Frequently Asked Questions
When can I schedule a meal?

It’s our hope that these family meals will be incorporated throughout the year at specific
blocks of time. We ask that you pick a date within the two-week block of time that has
been set in place. You are welcome to schedule follow-up meals in your own timing.

When will I hear back about hosting?

If you sign up, you will be contacted closer to your date with the people that have signed up, we will keep you posted if no one has signed up.

Who is invited to this meal?

Crossroads will provide an online sign up on it’s website allowing people to choose
which meal they want to attend. Meal hosts will choose who they’d like to open the
meal up to based on neighborhood orientation, ministry passion (prayer, orphan,
trafficking, etc) or age group (college, newlyweds, singles, family, etc). Folks will be
able to sign up to attend a meal based on those criteria.

How many people will be invited?

Hosts will choose the number of people they would like to have over for a meal and
the sign up form will indicate that number of places at the table. We ask the host for a
maximum so the administrator can close the signups for individual homes as needed.

Does it have to be dinner?

No. Actually, in the spirit of creativity, we’d love to encourage you to consider hosting
any meal. Perhaps is a Saturday morning brunch or a Sunday-after-church meat and
potato feast or a Tuesday night make your own pizza party…be creative…have fun with
this. As hosts, you have free reign on when you want to do this.

How many times am I expected to host?

Just once. But if you’d like to host more than one meal for more than one group, fill out
the form multiple times accordingly and let us know its not an error.

Do I have to allow kids to come?

That’s up to the host. It’s all about how you want to connect with your guests and what
type of home environment you have. We will make it clear on the sign-up form whether
kids are invited or not. Just keep in mind that we are considering Adult…High-school
age and up.

Do I have to cook?

Nope. If you’d like to cook a four-course gourmet meal just because you’ve got loads of
time to spare…go for it! But feel free to order out as well…or go old-fashioned church
potluck style if you would rather. Again, as the host, you are completely free to choose.
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