Questionnaire for Call with Influence Builder
NOTE: When we work with small business owners, we like to make clear that Influence Builder helps to create lead generation systems using a scientific method of testing, retesting and tweaking. While we get short term results with our clients; we know that there is a process that needs to be followed to get long-lasting results and support true scaling. If you are looking for the fastest possible ROI and are not willing to put in the time and collaboration needed to go with this type of high-level consulting, then we completely understand and know our programs and services will not be the right fit for you. If you’re ready to build lead generation systems that have the potential to scale, collaborate with a high-level marketing agency, and implement massive growth strategies so you can create more sales in your business, then we’re excited to have you fill out the questionnaire and will reach out with next steps!
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Where did your current leads come from? (choose all that apply) *
Where did your current sales come from? (please explain) *
Have you ever worked with cold leads into warming them into paying clients? *
Do you have any funnels set up that include nurturing cold prospects? *
Do you have lead magnets that convert cold leads into paying clients? If so, what are those conversion numbers? *
What are your current products/services and prices? *
Where are your goals for this coming year? *
As of today, how close are you to reaching them by end of year? *
What have you done for marketing in the past to reach your past goals? *
What have you done for automation in the past to reach your past goals? *
Do you always reach the goals you set place or do you in some cases fall short? *
Why do you think you fall short on your goals? *
If you were to create a system or process to help you achieve your goals, what would you need? What wouldn’t you need? Do you know how you would create those systems? *
What type of marketing are you planning on doing this year? *
Out of everything you are currently doing for sales and marketing, what do you feel is your biggest gap? *
If we were to show you how to do lead generation in a way that brings in leads every week, that you can turn into sales calls – on a scale of 1-10 how interested are you? *
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