Touch rules quiz 1
Fill in the missing words
The field of play is rectangular in shape and measures _____ metres long (scoreline to scoreline) by _____ metres wide.
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The _____ _____ (two words) is the area between the scoreline, the deadball line and the extended sidelines.
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A _____ is used to bring the ball into play following a touch or a change of possession.
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A _____ is contact on any part of the body between a player in possession and a defending player.
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A _____ is the result of a player in possession placing the ball either on or over the attacking scoreline.
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Multiple choice
Players are not to participate in any match:
Assuming there are no penalties, the match is ended when:
When extra time is played to determine a winner, players are required to drop off every:
The rollball must be performed:
In the field of play, a mixed team may have:
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