Radio Frequency(RF)/Information Technologist(IT) of the Year- IT FORM
APCO International Public-Safety Communications Center Director of the Year Award
Nominees must have been employed in the applicable category by a public safety agency any time between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020. Nominees do not have to be members of Idaho Chapter of APCO NENA.

Please complete either the RF or IT form, depending on the nominee's current job.

When completing your nomination for submission please ensure you have selected the correct category and that you provide as much detail about the nominee in your nomination as possible. To assist you we have included below a list of sample job titles as well as sample job responsibilities. They are not all inclusive as you know agencies job titles vary across the nation. This category includes not only line staff personnel but also supervision and management jobs in the Information Technologist category. Please note that nominations submitted in incorrect categories will be disqualified from the judging process.
If you have any questions please email the Awards Committee Chair or Vice Chair for assistance any time. You will find their contact information listed in the Committees and Taskforces under the APCO membership tab.
Provides technical support and performs professional work related to the operation and support of computer hardware, peripherals, and software applications.
Participates in the evaluation and implementation of new computing technologies.
Performs complex level application support work on the agency's computer applications systems.
Provides project and program leadership to professional and technical staff.
Provides project management for large scale support projects.
Performs routine to complex level application support work on the agency's computer applications systems.
Performs advanced level telecommunications work related to the purchase, installation, and maintenance of communications equipment.
Performs technical work gathering, analyzing, and summarizing various types of data including GIS information.
Performs and coordinates the activities necessary to administer and manage the databases and systems used within and across departments throughout the agency.
Designs and develops GIS applications.
Provides analytical modeling in support of planning functions.
Manages and coordinates the design installation, upgrade and maintenance of agency wide network systems.
Sample Responsibilities:
Manages the installation, operation, and maintenance of equipment.
Knowledge of current NFPA code adoptions for public safety in-building radio systems.
Maintains knowledge of 700 MHz, 800 Mhz,900 MHz, and P25 radio communications systems and equipment
Establish work priorities, implement schedules, coordinate, supervise, and assist with the installation of systems and equipment; troubleshoot complex installation problems and making appropriate modifications to support member agencies.
Possesses experience in UHF/VHF radios, repeaters, digital/analog microwave and an extensive network of mobile radios.
Demonstrates ability to work with many different user agencies.
Radio network administration and connectivity principles, processes, protocols, and systems security
Prepares and maintains various records of maintenance and operation as required by the FCC including renewal of FCC licensing.
Installs and/or oversees the installation of radio site ground, antenna systems, security systems, carrier equipment (T1, DS3), emergency power generators, fuel systems, towers, transmission lines, and site alarm status reporting equipment.
Maintains current experience in state of the art electronic equipment repair, including bench repair and radio transmitting and receiving equipment.
Plans for infrastructure additions, site expansions and improvements as necessary to ensure coverage and systems reliability.
Assist and receive training in analyzing, troubleshooting and maintaining the communications network and computer based systems to ensure inter-operability with other government agencies and offsite access in emergencies.
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Name of person nominating
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City and Zip code
Describe the nominee's public safety communications agency. Please include staffing levels, size and discipline; please describe the RF system, area of operations, number of subscribers, radio channels, console positions, and users ( law, fire, EMS, PSAP only, etc.)
Describe the nominee's daily and additional pertinent duties and responsibilities.
Tell us how long the nominee has been at this job and any previous public safety communications position the nominee has held.
Describe how the nominee functions as a team player.
Describe how the nominee demonstrates his/her knowledge of the profession and flexibility in task assignments. Provide an example of how the nominee may go above and beyond what may be required of an individual in this position.
Describe how the nominee insures the reliability of the agency's internal computer system and protects the integrity and security of the agency's data.
Describe how the nominee ensures the agency meets and maintains external (local, state, and federal data security) requirements.
Describe how the nominee utilizes innovative solutions and applications to further the mission of the organization.
In one page or less, describe why the nominee should receive the 2019 Idaho Chapter of APCO NENA RF/IT Technician of the Year award.
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