Submit your project for the 2019 AACME (previously known as the A2 Mini Maker Faire)
Thank you for applying to the Ann Arbor Creativity & Making Expo (AACME) and spreading creativity into your community!

An idea starts as a tiny seed and through inspiration, planning and developing, an idea becomes a reality. To get to that point, we need to find tools and resources that can help us. People are builders, creators, innovators who inspire each other through the knowledge that they acquire and share. AACME wants to celebrate the diverse skills and tiny seeds that grew and developed into something wonderful.

As AACME organizers, we believe that in problem solving and creating, there are no boundaries or limits to what we can learn, the people we meet and the skills that we acquire. It is our mission to provide an event that showcases and celebrates our diverse creative backgrounds and what we have built and developed and the skills we have acquired.

The 2019 AACME is at the Ann Arbor District LIbrary's downtown branch on Sunday, May 19 from 12-5pm. Saturday, May 18, is an optional early load-in from 4-6pm. Main load-in and set up is from 9-11:30am Sunday morning. Exhibitors should be ready by 11:30am Sunday morning.

The library opens at 12pm to the general public. Exhibitors are expected to be present the entire length of the Expo. A special Youth Pop Up area for ages 12 years and younger will be organized into 1-2 hour time slots. Further information about this youth area will be given in mid-April.

We've extended the application deadline to Thursday, March 14.

Be sure to read the 2019 Exhibitor Manual for pertinent information, available at this link-

It is also available as a PDF download on the website.

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Youth Makers
For young makers (under 18) please answer the following questions
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How did you hear of AACME/Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire?
Please list the names of everyone in your group who should have an exhibitor badge. *
Please include your own! We will follow up with exhibitors before the Expo to reconfirm.
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Thanks for your application! We think you are awesome.
Please read through the Exhibitor Manual, updated every year, to find out pertinent information. *
Please know that the volunteer organizers of the AACME respect your privacy and will not share or sell your information. *
This application limits the liability of A2 Geeks, Inc. (“a2geeks”), Ann Arbor District Library (“AADL”), any invited exhibitors, and sponsors. *
You agree to comply with all applicable laws, the Exhibitor Handbook, and any other requirements issued by the co-organizers of AACME. *
You acknowledge that AACME, including the Exhibit(s), may be recorded in audio, visual, and/or audiovisual media by AACME co-organizers, and you consent to the making and use of such recordings. *
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