Edmund Rice Camps VIC - 2020 Volunteer Camp Registration Form
This form is for existing ERC Vic volunteers to register for camps in 2020

If you are new to ERC Vic and would like to register your interest to volunteer with us, please fill in the below Expression of Interest form to start the process:


If you want to sign up for more than one camp this summer, you will have to fill out the form more than once.
There must be at least a week or two between camps attended, this is to ensure that there is plenty of energy on each camp and to allow a position for all volunteers to be able to access camps. First preference on camps will be people who have not already camped over the summer period.

If you are available for more than once camp, please apply for your preferred camp, and indicate in the comments below which other camps you are available for.

Camp Executive Roles:
If you would like to take on an exec role (Group Leader/Support Leader, Camp Captain, Camp Coach or Pastoral Facilitator) you will need to have completed an Exec Training Day. All exec members are also expected to be available to come to the Pre & Post camp exec meetings.

For information regarding upcoming Exec Training days, or for any other questions, please contact Flic on programs@ercvic.com, or 0408 454 156

If you can no longer volunteer on a camp, please notify the ERC Office as soon as possible.
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2020 Edmund Rice Camps Vic - Camp Programs:
All camps will start and finish at Amberley in Lower Plenty, with travel provided to the various camp sites (Unless otherwise stated).

Volunteer positions on each camp will be confirmed within 2 weeks following the Volunteer Application closure date for each camp. (Please see dates below).
It is compulsory for all volunteers to attend the pre-camp date for the selected camp.

A Volunteer Camp Confirmation Letter will be sent once positions on camp are determined detailing what you need to know when attending the camp.

When you register to attend a camp, it is understood that you are available to attend the entirety of the camp, if that should change please advise the Program Officer as soon as you become aware.

Upcoming Camp Dates:

Summer Camps:

Summer Kids Camp (Merricks): Thursday 2nd January - Monday 6th January 2020
Teenage Boys Camp (Santa Monica): Sunday 12th January - Friday 17th January 2020
Summer Family Camp (Amberley): Sunday 19th January - Friday 24th January 2020

Volunteer Applications Close: Monday 25th November 2019
Pre-Camp Executive Leaders Meeting: Thursday 5th December 2019, 6.30pm
Post-Camp Executive Leaders Meeting: Thursday 6th February 2020, 6.30pm
Volunteer Camp Registration
Please complete if you would like to apply to volunteer on an upcoming ERC Camp Program
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Is this your First Edmund Rice Camp with ERC Vic? Please only continue to complete this form if you have completed an ERC Vic New Leader Training Day and submitted your New Volunteer Application Form. If you are new to ERC Vic, please fill in the Expression of Interest form linked to above. *
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Other Camp Availability & Role Preference
If you are available for a different camp this season to the one you have applied for, please let us know here, stating your preferences. If you have any comments or questions regarding the role you wish to perform this camp, please also mention that here.
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I have the following qualifications and would be willing to fulfil this auxiliary role on the camp for which I have applied
I would be interested in gaining the following qualifications if needed
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Thank you for your willingness to generously donate your time!
We are super excited to see you on camp soon!!
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