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Background checks, personal reference, vet reference and rental info are the normal part of our application process. Thank you!
Please click below to show you have read and understand that we are a rescue and not a breeder. We can only offer information given to us about what the breeds are speculated to be and what their previous records indicate. These dogs to not come with AKC papers and are mixed breed. Some dogs have been DNA tested and the results will be provided with those dogs. Please understand that we would need to hear from your Personal Reference, Landlord and Vet within 24 hours. *
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Do you own or rent your home? If you rent we will need landlord info or rental agreement stating dogs are allowed no breed restrictions. Please have your landlord email us at or send the rental contract to this email to help speed up the process. *
Are you expecting any changes in your living situation if so what?
Are you looking for a particular size dog? Under a certain weight, etc? Please understand we can not guarantee how small or large a mix breed puppy will be. When DNA test are done we will provide adopters with that information as well as any pictures and sizes of the parents when available. *
If adopting a bully breed have any family/friends/neighbors have issues with the breed?
If adopting a bully breed have you owned a bully breed before?
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What would cause you to return the dog? Or what reasons in the past have caused you to return a pet?
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If you have a dog, what is their breed, sex, and age?
Who resides in your home with you? *
Some of the dogs may have experienced specific issue in a previous household that apply to this question.
How do you feel about crate training a dog? Have you crate trained any previous dogs? *
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How many minutes per day can you provide structured exercise for your dog? *
treadmill, walking with dog behind you, running next to bike
Does anyone in your home have allergies? *
What issues would you be willing to work with? *
If behavioral issues come up, would you be willing to reach out to SDK9 for assistance? *
Frequently, transitional instructions are provided for newly adopted dogs, would you be willing to follow them? *
Please clink link to access the new dog handout -!ArW4PD7f05x_gZU-uhIF99q0EqFlFw
Veterinary Reference Name & Number- To speed up the application process please call your vet and give them permission to speak with us. *
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